Saturday, November 2, 2013


Thursday, Halloween, was very exciting. The day before halloween, Max, Nicole and I carved pumpkins. Max and Nicole both did some great faces, Max's was the most traditional one, and I carved the scream mask.
On halloweens day, even my English teacher was in halloween mood, because she was wearing a appropriate outfit and gave us cookies and candy, which was very cute.
Afterwards, I was dressed up in a Marilyn Monroe dress, my friend Madina came and another girl from my lunch table. The other girls were Cleopatra and grapes, and both were very cool costumes! We sat down at our fire-pit and roasted some marshmallows and bread dough, and after that we went trick or treating! We went pretty late, so there wasn't too much left, but we still got some candy, and passed some awesome decorated houses! It was fun just to walk around and talk, there were many other kids, even teens, walking around for trick or treating, which is funny, because to me it seemed like it is just a kids thing in germany.

It was really fun, I'm glad I experienced american Halloween ;)

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