Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Disney World!

I finally get to do this blog post: Max took me to Disney World last week! We left on Wednesday to Florida, and after we got into our hotel room we left right away for the first park we went in, the Hollywood Studios. Of course there is a lot of waiting in Disney World, but luckily every once in a while we could use a Fast-Pass, which helps you to skip parts of a line. Two of my favorite rides in the Hollywood studios were the Hollywood Tower and the Rock and Roller Coaster.There also were some great shows, for example a Indiana Jones Show and many others that were great. The next day we spent in Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. Epcot was fun, because parts of it is about the future, and very educational, and when we walked at the waterside, we came by different "countries" that were represented (there also was Germany). I liked that because it was about traveling and they made it look really realistic. We had lunch in Italy, where I had so amazing pasta! The Magic Kingdom was the park which was the most about Disney, because there was the castle, and there were many Disney rides. We spend a lot of time with going on some rides, sometimes we even had to wait a really long time, but it always was worth it! The third day we went to Animal Kingdom, which obviously is about animals. We went on a "safari" ride, and also a very fast one, which I liked the best. There were two very cute shows, and the whole park had a tropical feeling. Then we went back to Epcot, because we had diner in Germany! It was a lot of fun there, because the whole atmosphere was just amazing! It was kind of Bavarian, they had music and the food was not bad, but obviously not as good as in Germany. To make it more realistic, all the waiters were from Germany with German accents. It really was a lot of fun! In the evening we saw some amazing fireworks from Epcot.
The last day we spent again in both, Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, doing some last rides, that were so much fun again. Then we had to leave, to get the plane back to DC. At home I there was my friend from Richmond waiting for me, because she came to be at my birthday party the next day!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ski trip

On Friday I went with my other exchange student friends and their organization to a ski trip in Pennsylvania.
We left on Friday and arrived at the house we would live in at around 8 or 9. All the other people from that organization were really nice and spend time with them that evening. On Saturday we finally got to ski. First we had a 1 hour lesson, but since I skied once already, I know all the stuff the teacher told us, but it was still good, since I don't remember that much either. I skied the entire day, we had a break for lunch and then continued. At 4 I showered and then there was diner already, and most of the people there would continue skiing after diner, and I really wanted to too, so I just changed back and we went night skiing. That was really a lot of fun! First it was a little creepy, especially because it was a little more icy, but after we went for a few runs it got more and more fun. I really enjoyed it a lot.
We still went skiing on Sunday, until around 12. Then we had to leave for lunch and to pack our things, and we finally got on the bus. It would have been nice to continue skiing since it was so great, but it also was good to sleep in the bus, since I didn't had so much sleep that weekend. 
I'm glad I joined the trip :)