Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New York, day 5

On our last day we decided to stand up earlier to go to the Madame Tussauds.When we arrived at it, I was very excited, because I always wanted to go to a Madame Tussauds. After buying the tickets and waiting, we went into the first room with some actors and other famous people. In the first room they had for example Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Tyra Banks, and, the ones I was most excited about, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne! We took pictures with many of them, I took most pictures with Sharon and Ozzy of course. In the Madame Tussauds they had a room of New York, with Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe,and a lot of New York things, a room with sports stars, one room with presidents and serious people, like Gandhi, and a lot of other rooms. We went through such a horror thing, in which people frightened us, and also in a 4D cinema. They had one more Marilyn Monroe (of course I was very excited about that), Elton John , Bob Marley, Charlie Chaplin, Rhianna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and soo many other people! We posed like the wax figures and took really many pictures, all of that was so much fun! We also spend much time in the souvenir store and bought actually a lot, but somehow it was worth it!
After we left the Madame Tussauds, we were walking to a mac 'n' cheese place for lunch, and it was quite a bit to walk, but we didn't knew it was that far away and when we were half way, we thought we were already too close to it to give up!
So we had a really good lunch, and headed back to the apartment afterwards, because we were about to go home. In the train back to DC we slept and rested.
All in all it was a great weekend, and I enjoyed it so much!

New York, day 4

On the fourth day we met with Max's aunt Rosie in chinatown and had a long lunch. Aunt Rosie was very funny and she and her husband (very smart man), are very cute together. We ate and talked for about 3 hours!

Afterwards it unfortunately rained a little and it was cold, so we spend time in chinatown, going in some stores, in which you could get really Chinese things, which was really funny. In one huge store I had a little splinter in my finger, and that really drove me crazy! Luckily Madina knew how to take it out again, I was so relived!
Max showed us the store of his favorite photographer. It were really impressive pictures and I enjoyed looking at the photographs. And also we went to times square, went in a few stores, and took pictures.
That was a very calm day, and that was maybe not to bad, so we could relax a bit from all the action!

New York, day 3

On our third day we went to the central park.
It was really nice, because the trees were colorful and very beautiful. We saw the John Lennon memorial, for which I was looking for the first time I was in New York. There was even a guitar player, who played Beatles songs. We were walking around, taking some nice pictures and listening to the music which was played, because of a jazz event or something like that.
We found a statue of Hans-Christian Andersen and a pond and very near it was the Alice in Wonderland. The amazing thing is that in some parts in central park, if you look in a special direction, you can think that you're somewhere in Europe, because there are some buildings that looks a bit like castles.
Afterwards we went to FAO Schwarz, a huge toy store, right next to a Apple store, which is under earth, with a huge glass "roof", and this store was soo full! In the FAO Schwarz I saw the biggest Snickers bar and Reese's cups, I've ever seen (Max even bought the Reese's one) !
After that we went to Brooklyn, because of a Kazakh restaurant for Madina, so we rode the subway for one hour, in which I had a very nice nap ;)

Friday, November 15, 2013

New York day 2

On the second day Madina and me planned much more, than we actually did. The first thing on our list was the Empire State Building. So that's where we went. We didn't went too late in the afternoon, so the waiting time was acceptable. We bought a ticket to go to the very top of the building, the 102nd floor. The first stop we did was on 86th floor, a platform, which was outside, and which was already pretty amazing. Unfortunately the battery of Madina's camera run out (yes on the top of the empire state building!), so we took pictures, and they were okay, but just okay. So anyways, after taking pictures, we went to the 102nd floor, which was even higher (of course), and I could see the central park even better, but there were windows, so it wasn't open like the 86th floor, and that's why I liked the 86th floor a little bit better. We went back down on the 86th floor and enjoyed the view and took more pictures. It was still very amazing to see the buildings, two of them had golden roofs, the central park in fall colors, the statue of liberty, and just the whole city! Of course we also didn't miss the souvenir area ;)
Because of Madina's empty camera, we wanted to eat lunch and go home, to charge it. Nicole recommended a peanut butter place, which took us a little bit time to find, because it was in a differen area of New York, in which we've never been. It was very good and I tried a peanut butter shake!
From there we walked from the restaurant to the world trade center (I could see the freedom tower and did not want to look for a subway station or spend money on it when I already see where I want to go, to be honest), which took us more time than expected. 
When we arrived ion the apartment it was later and we were tired so we decided to stay at home and watch a movie.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New York day 1

We've been to New York City again! Max and Nicole took Madina and me, and it was really awesome! On the first day Madina and me walked around the city by ourselves. We went to Chinatown and did some shopping, but not too much. We also were looking for a restaurant Nicole recommended, which was very hard to find, because it was in the "deep" of Chinatown :) As soon as we finally found it we ordered way too much, not thinking that the portions are so huge!
After many hours of Chinatown, we just had enough of it and wanted to go somewhere else, so we decided to look for the Tiffany's & Co store on fifth avenue. It was on the very end of fifth avenue, so we walked by many, very expensive stores like Prada and Dolce & Gabana, and many others, but we never actually wanted to go in because it was to expensive anyways. But we went in the Tiffany's store, when we finally found it and we couldn't stop smiling, because they had so much and so shiny and sparkling jewelry.
On our way to times square, so back the fifth avenue. The first store we went in on times square was M&M's World and it was so much fun! They had everything of M&M's and tubes full of M&M's with different flavors and colors. The second awesome store was the Disney store,which was much fun too because they just had a lot of stuff and we wanted to be five years old again.
After looking in some other stores we met with Max and Nicole, to eat diner.
Afterwards we went to the broadway show "The Phantom of the Opera", for which I was very excited for. It was really fantastic, the costumes and the actors and the story, it was so perfect! I enjoyed every second, and whenever you have the opportunity to watch it, you                                                           should go!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Thursday, Halloween, was very exciting. The day before halloween, Max, Nicole and I carved pumpkins. Max and Nicole both did some great faces, Max's was the most traditional one, and I carved the scream mask.
On halloweens day, even my English teacher was in halloween mood, because she was wearing a appropriate outfit and gave us cookies and candy, which was very cute.
Afterwards, I was dressed up in a Marilyn Monroe dress, my friend Madina came and another girl from my lunch table. The other girls were Cleopatra and grapes, and both were very cool costumes! We sat down at our fire-pit and roasted some marshmallows and bread dough, and after that we went trick or treating! We went pretty late, so there wasn't too much left, but we still got some candy, and passed some awesome decorated houses! It was fun just to walk around and talk, there were many other kids, even teens, walking around for trick or treating, which is funny, because to me it seemed like it is just a kids thing in germany.

It was really fun, I'm glad I experienced american Halloween ;)