Friday, November 15, 2013

New York day 2

On the second day Madina and me planned much more, than we actually did. The first thing on our list was the Empire State Building. So that's where we went. We didn't went too late in the afternoon, so the waiting time was acceptable. We bought a ticket to go to the very top of the building, the 102nd floor. The first stop we did was on 86th floor, a platform, which was outside, and which was already pretty amazing. Unfortunately the battery of Madina's camera run out (yes on the top of the empire state building!), so we took pictures, and they were okay, but just okay. So anyways, after taking pictures, we went to the 102nd floor, which was even higher (of course), and I could see the central park even better, but there were windows, so it wasn't open like the 86th floor, and that's why I liked the 86th floor a little bit better. We went back down on the 86th floor and enjoyed the view and took more pictures. It was still very amazing to see the buildings, two of them had golden roofs, the central park in fall colors, the statue of liberty, and just the whole city! Of course we also didn't miss the souvenir area ;)
Because of Madina's empty camera, we wanted to eat lunch and go home, to charge it. Nicole recommended a peanut butter place, which took us a little bit time to find, because it was in a differen area of New York, in which we've never been. It was very good and I tried a peanut butter shake!
From there we walked from the restaurant to the world trade center (I could see the freedom tower and did not want to look for a subway station or spend money on it when I already see where I want to go, to be honest), which took us more time than expected. 
When we arrived ion the apartment it was later and we were tired so we decided to stay at home and watch a movie.

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