Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New York day 1

We've been to New York City again! Max and Nicole took Madina and me, and it was really awesome! On the first day Madina and me walked around the city by ourselves. We went to Chinatown and did some shopping, but not too much. We also were looking for a restaurant Nicole recommended, which was very hard to find, because it was in the "deep" of Chinatown :) As soon as we finally found it we ordered way too much, not thinking that the portions are so huge!
After many hours of Chinatown, we just had enough of it and wanted to go somewhere else, so we decided to look for the Tiffany's & Co store on fifth avenue. It was on the very end of fifth avenue, so we walked by many, very expensive stores like Prada and Dolce & Gabana, and many others, but we never actually wanted to go in because it was to expensive anyways. But we went in the Tiffany's store, when we finally found it and we couldn't stop smiling, because they had so much and so shiny and sparkling jewelry.
On our way to times square, so back the fifth avenue. The first store we went in on times square was M&M's World and it was so much fun! They had everything of M&M's and tubes full of M&M's with different flavors and colors. The second awesome store was the Disney store,which was much fun too because they just had a lot of stuff and we wanted to be five years old again.
After looking in some other stores we met with Max and Nicole, to eat diner.
Afterwards we went to the broadway show "The Phantom of the Opera", for which I was very excited for. It was really fantastic, the costumes and the actors and the story, it was so perfect! I enjoyed every second, and whenever you have the opportunity to watch it, you                                                           should go!

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