Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New York, day 4

On the fourth day we met with Max's aunt Rosie in chinatown and had a long lunch. Aunt Rosie was very funny and she and her husband (very smart man), are very cute together. We ate and talked for about 3 hours!

Afterwards it unfortunately rained a little and it was cold, so we spend time in chinatown, going in some stores, in which you could get really Chinese things, which was really funny. In one huge store I had a little splinter in my finger, and that really drove me crazy! Luckily Madina knew how to take it out again, I was so relived!
Max showed us the store of his favorite photographer. It were really impressive pictures and I enjoyed looking at the photographs. And also we went to times square, went in a few stores, and took pictures.
That was a very calm day, and that was maybe not to bad, so we could relax a bit from all the action!

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