Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New York, day 3

On our third day we went to the central park.
It was really nice, because the trees were colorful and very beautiful. We saw the John Lennon memorial, for which I was looking for the first time I was in New York. There was even a guitar player, who played Beatles songs. We were walking around, taking some nice pictures and listening to the music which was played, because of a jazz event or something like that.
We found a statue of Hans-Christian Andersen and a pond and very near it was the Alice in Wonderland. The amazing thing is that in some parts in central park, if you look in a special direction, you can think that you're somewhere in Europe, because there are some buildings that looks a bit like castles.
Afterwards we went to FAO Schwarz, a huge toy store, right next to a Apple store, which is under earth, with a huge glass "roof", and this store was soo full! In the FAO Schwarz I saw the biggest Snickers bar and Reese's cups, I've ever seen (Max even bought the Reese's one) !
After that we went to Brooklyn, because of a Kazakh restaurant for Madina, so we rode the subway for one hour, in which I had a very nice nap ;)

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