Friday, August 30, 2013

New York, New York!

My hostdad Max took me to New York! He's working there, and my hostmom had to work too, so I spent a hole day and a half one alone in New York City. At first I was quite afraid to get lost in this huge city, but a map and some advises how to go to which place helped me to find whatever I was looking for quite easily.
At first I went to Chinatown, to do some shopping. Finding Chinatown was confusing at the beginning, because I went to the wrong direction on Broadway,  but when I finally found it, it was possible to orient.
In Chinatown are many small shops at the sidewalk, where you could bargain just like in Asia and also normal stores, which have good prices too. I spent a lot of time there, until I finished shopping and decided to have a look at the Empire State Building. So I went to the subway and got on the next train to 33rd Street (I think it was that street, I'm not sure). When I saw it, it was awesome, because it is such a huge building and looks so fantastic!
The next place I went to was the Herald Square, where many shops are, for example the biggest Macy's store in the World. The Herald Square was great, because there is a little "green island" where are many trees and chairs you can sit on right next to the street. I met there with Max, and we went to a very nice italian restaurant for dinner.
After that we went on Times Square, which was amazing! There is the Hard Rock Cafe and a huge Toys"r"Us with a big wheel in it, and even though it is a toys store, it was really fun to go inside and look at all those areas of different toys and other things, like a candy store called "Wonka's", just like in the movie with Johnny Depp. On our way home, we also saw an actor, who played in "Lost"!

I spent my next day in the beautiful Central Park. I was just walking around and looking at the nice area and also I was trying to find the memorial to John Lennon and the Alice in Wonderland sculpture (I didn't find them). After a while it started raining a little bit, and suddenly it was raining so much, that I got all wet. So I took a taxi to get back to the apartment, changed my clothes and we took the next train back to Washington right away (Nicole had to go to the hospital, she's at home and quite ok, but lets hope she will get well very soon).

Spending my day and orient in that huge city really was a great experience!

Monday, August 26, 2013


Today we went to a Harley Davidson store to meet a friend, Carlos, of my hostparents. He gave us a nice little tour trough the store, even backstage. It was very cool to see a the shining motorcycles. Did you know, that Harleys in America are much cheaper than in Germany? It is a huge difference! And have you ever seen a motorcycle with a touchscreen on it? I have! :)
I saw them driving the Harleys in the store, and I even was allowed to sit on one too! Also, I got an awesome jacket and other nice things of Harley-Davidson, for example a very funny cap for my dog!:)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Great first week!

I spent a few days now here in the US, almost a week and I have seen already so many things!
We did some shopping and we  went to a supermarket, which was so huge and you could get almost everything there.  I've never seen such a big supermarket before.
Also Nicole showed me the Little Free Library, a little library, where you can leave one of your old books for someone else and take a new one. It is such a nice idea and it is made so nicely!
We also went to an amazing pizza restaurant in old town and a diner near a huge supermarket. Food is so good here ;).
 The city Alexandria is so beautiful, because all the house's outside walls are made of brick, which looks so amazing.
That were some of the things I have seen and I really feel like living an american lifestyle!

Friday, August 16, 2013

First Day in the US!

Already my first day in the US was so exciting! Everything is new. I was awake already at 6 am because of the jetlag. I have to pack out all my things. And I felt great!
My host mom Nicole and a friend of her took me to the Zoo in Washington. I've visited Washington already on my first day! We were walking around in the Zoo and saw some nice animals like the elephants.  We enjoyed food and nice music, and a relaxed atmosphere at a picnic, which was organized from Nicole's work and  I was introduced to many nice people.
In the evening my host parents and I had a very nice diner, but I had to go to bed early, again because of the jetlag.
I think it was an excellent start!