Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Great first week!

I spent a few days now here in the US, almost a week and I have seen already so many things!
We did some shopping and we  went to a supermarket, which was so huge and you could get almost everything there.  I've never seen such a big supermarket before.
Also Nicole showed me the Little Free Library, a little library, where you can leave one of your old books for someone else and take a new one. It is such a nice idea and it is made so nicely!
We also went to an amazing pizza restaurant in old town and a diner near a huge supermarket. Food is so good here ;).
 The city Alexandria is so beautiful, because all the house's outside walls are made of brick, which looks so amazing.
That were some of the things I have seen and I really feel like living an american lifestyle!

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  1. What a wonderful blog posting! I was so pleased to meet you and hope we can get together again. You really couldn't get any better host than Nicole, and I hope you have a fun, interesting, and productive time here in the United States. And I hope I can visit Germany some time!
    -- Renee Adams of the LFL of Windsor and Dewitt