Monday, March 10, 2014

Ski trip

On Friday I went with my other exchange student friends and their organization to a ski trip in Pennsylvania.
We left on Friday and arrived at the house we would live in at around 8 or 9. All the other people from that organization were really nice and spend time with them that evening. On Saturday we finally got to ski. First we had a 1 hour lesson, but since I skied once already, I know all the stuff the teacher told us, but it was still good, since I don't remember that much either. I skied the entire day, we had a break for lunch and then continued. At 4 I showered and then there was diner already, and most of the people there would continue skiing after diner, and I really wanted to too, so I just changed back and we went night skiing. That was really a lot of fun! First it was a little creepy, especially because it was a little more icy, but after we went for a few runs it got more and more fun. I really enjoyed it a lot.
We still went skiing on Sunday, until around 12. Then we had to leave for lunch and to pack our things, and we finally got on the bus. It would have been nice to continue skiing since it was so great, but it also was good to sleep in the bus, since I didn't had so much sleep that weekend. 
I'm glad I joined the trip :)

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