Monday, October 28, 2013

Spirit Week, Pep Rally and Homecoming

This week was spirit week in my school, which means there was always another theme every day:
monday: pajama day
tuesday: dynamic duo
wednesday: hat day
thursday: neon day
friday: class color day
It was very much fun seeing what other people were wearing and they were playing music and games during lunch.
The Pep Rally on friday was fun too. When I first came into the gym, I just thought wow! Seeing this huge gym with all the students inside was just amazing. They did games and a lot of cheering, I can't really see why they do that, I think it's because of school spirit, but anyways it was a lot of fun.
It ended when school usually ends, at 3:15. AT 6:30 the school did a bond-fire and in the time between I spent the time with some friends and other students on the roof of our parking garage, because they sold food and drinks there, and there was some music.
The bond-fire was just a big fire in which the school burned a doll with the shirt of the team, against which our football team would play the next day. We talked a lot and it was really nice all together.
On saturday afternoon was the homecoming game, which was fun , but not so exciting, so me and my friend left earlier at the 2nd halftime to get ready for homecoming. And our football team lost anyways, without having scored any points!
The other exchange students and me went to a restaurant and had diner there (we where definitely overdressed, because we already wore our homecoming dance clothes).
The homecoming dance itself was fun and there were a lot of people. We actually just danced the whole evening. The point when it got kind of boring was in the end when they started playing music I, which is not my music at all, but that's just my point of view, and I still enjoyed it.

I'm glad to have had the opportunity to experience such american school stuff, because that's exactly the things, we don't have in germany at all.

(Pictures where taken by my kazak friend Madina, except the one she's in of course)

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