Tuesday, October 1, 2013


One week ago Max, another exchange student Madina, who I met, and me went to the Quinceanera of a friend's friend. A Quinceanera is a very big thing in the Hispanic culture. It is a birthday party for a girl, when she turns 15.
When we first arrived after a 2 hour drive, the party hasn't really started yet, so we first had a seat and ate something. The Qunceanera took place in a gym, and because it was in a little county, many people joined it. The "main person", so the girl for who the Qinceanera was for, and "the court of honor", so her close friends, performed a dance and in the end the main girl did a performance by herself.
Afterward everyone started dancing, and we had a good evening.
It was definitely fun and exciting to experience a bit of mexican culture too!

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