Thursday, October 17, 2013

My new Guitar

I'm taking Guitar lesson here in school, which is pretty cool, and it's really fun. The only, but very annoying thing was that I had to bring home the guitar from school some days, which is not fun with the school busses, especially when somebody decides to sit next to you and your guitar in those seats. ;)
So I was looking for a guitar and my neighbors gave me the link of an internet page, which sold guitars (and everything else). I wanted to buy a cheaper one first, because I want to see first, if I like playing the guitar or not. So I found a guitar for $20. At first I was sure, that for this price something had to be wring with it, but when I went to the people's house, who sold it, and had a look at it, it was perfect! It has all the stings and works. Now I'm so happy to be able to practice at home as often as I want to and never have to worry about bringing it home and back to school anymore and I have my first own guitar! :D

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