Thursday, October 24, 2013

To introduce you to some Food

Here in the US I tried many different kinds of food, not necessarily all are American, but some of them.
-S'mores: grilled marshmellows and chocolate between two crackers; awesome!
-Hawaiian Punch: Something to drink, I have no idea what it is made of, but it's red and sweet and I like it ;)
-Mexican food: I tried it here the first time, and it was pretty good! It was kind of spicy, but that is what to expect from mexican food.
-Cheetos: Some chips or something, it even looks unhealthy, they are very orange, but they're still good.
-Food from Kazahstan: my fiend, who's an exchange student too invited me for diner and cooked some good rice with meat. I really enjoyed it!
-Fresh Figs: I've never tried just the figs without anything else!
-"Bratwurst":  compared to the german Bratwurst, the ones here are okay, some more, some less, but I still stay with my "Nuernberger Bratwurst".
-Mac and Cheese: I reeeeally love pasta, and I never tried the mac and cheese (maccaroni with a lot of cheese) and it's so fantastic!
-Pasta with Peanut-Sauce: Max made pasta with peanut or peanut butter sauce, it was something completely new and I was so good!
Peanut-Butter: I feel like I can't live without it anymore, because you can eat it with almost everything (as you can see also with pasta) !

Obviously I need to be very strict and careful with myself, because of all these temptation ;)

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