Monday, January 6, 2014

Richmond christmas lights

The Saturday before Christmas break we drove down to Richmond to see all the crazy decoration of the houses (we really looked at much decoration now ;) ) and to meet my friend Leonie, who is also an exchange student I met at the preparation weekend of my program international experience back in Germany.
We picked Leonie up and went for brunch, and walked around Richmond afterwards. We even went into a store with pretty German decoration, which was really fun, because we saw things I haven't seen here in the US, but know from Germany. And there also was a Döner place!
As soon as it got dark, we got in the car and drove to the first house on our list. These were two houses, and it was really crazy! Both had almost everything you can imagine in the front yard: santa clauses, dogs, penguins, elfs and so much more, that the whole front yards were full! Even the trees had light on them, which were so high, that we wondered how they came up there! I honestly do not want to know, how much all of that costs!
The next house we saw was one, that's lights were moving to the music of a radio station. It were so many light too, and we drove through another one, which also moved to music.
The next house was also incredible, it kind of looked like a gingerbread house, and had just like the first house so much stuff standing around, that it was almost too much to look at! They even had a guest book, free candy cane and dog treats, and a Santa! It was so much fun too!
The next house we saw was a small house my itself, but of course also stuffed with everything that was a light and had something to do with christmas!
We went to that Döner for diner, which was okay, but not as good as the ones in Germany. At least we know that there is such a place in the US, which is good, because I haven't seen such a place here before.
The last thing we saw was a whole street, with almost all houses decorated. It was unbelievable, because they all looked amazing! In the end there was one more house, that had lights moving to the music in the radio. That was a really good house too, especially combined with the whole street, which was so bright!
In the end we dropped my friend off and drove home. It was really a fun experience!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! The Christmas lightings are looking awesome. It reminds me of our Christmas celebrations at one of Chicago event venues. The venue was decorated marvellously. We had a small party there and was very happy to celebrate it.