Wednesday, January 8, 2014


For christmas break we drove up to Canada, to visit Nicole's family. We lived in her parent's house, which was about 30 minutes away from Toronto and right at lake Ontario.
We spent the first two days with living in and preparing and wrapping Christmas presents. The third day, which was the 24th, so "Christmas" for me, we went to see Toronto. It is a very nice city, but it was so cold. We went to markets and which were all inside, and it makes sense, that there is this area, in which stores and things like that are underground. There also was this gorgeous, "Flatration Building", in a great color and a nice shape, which was really beautiful. For lunch we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, and I was very happy I got another T-Shirt from it. There also is a very nice mall, and we got to see some more Christmas windows of a store, that I really enjoyed. Next to it was the Nathan Phillips Square with an ice skating range. In the end, Max and I went up the CN Tower. There was a very nice view over the whole City and lake Ontario. There also was this glass floor, on which you could stay and see how deep it is under you, which was pretty scary, and even though I tried, I couldn't really go on it. Nicole was waiting for us downstairs. We drove to the parent's house and had diner there. Definitely a Christmas Eve I've never had before!

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