Monday, January 13, 2014

Spending time in Canada

The other days, we spent in Canada, we did many nice things. For example we had christmas on the 26th (that was the only day, all family members could get together). To me it was really fun, to have Nicole's whole family over, and we were having diner, and unwrapping the presents. Even though it wasn't my family, I spent christmas with, I spent it with some great people!
We also got to meet some of Nicole's cousins. One of them had a very cute little daughter, we went to lunch to one of the cousin's houses and we went to the cinema with two others, who were both around my age, which was really fun too.
Max and I went to Dungeon Castle. This used to be the home of a rich family, and we had a tour, in which we could look through the rooms, and the guide explained the history. The castle was really nice, and the tour was really interesting, and the tour reminded me a little bit to school trips we did in Germany.
One day Nicole's parents, Nicole, her nice and me went to a market, with a library over it. I did enjoy all the walking around and looking around and talking. Nicole, her sister Noelle, Chloe and me also were supposed to go shopping one day, but for any reason most of the stores were closed on Mondays, so we looked in every store, that was open, and went to a restaurant for lunch.
I had a lot of fun, and really a good time, even though it was really cold, but at least I got my white Christmas!

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