Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas time in New York (part 2)

The Saturday of our New York trip was all about the christmas windows of the stores. We started at the bottom part of central park. The first windows we saw were the ones of Bergdorf Goodman. We saw Tiffany's & Co's windows and spend time in the store itself, it's so nice to see all the shiny jewelry. The one of SAK's, for which we even had to wait and get in a little "room" to look at it (it showed a video of ice, changing color). especially Fifth Avenue was really crowded, so it took us a long time to walk on it. Some windows had "scenes" from different countries, which turned around and looked very pretty.  Some other windows were really fun too, because together they made a story about a Yeti. There were just so many other great windows, I just never had so much fun, looking at store's windows.
In the Rockafeller Center was also a christmas market, which was, compared to our german ones, really modern! We actually could go into the stands, and most of them had the special light, which keeps the stand a little warm. Of course that was crowded too, but the stands really had nice things. We ate fried pickles, which sounded weird to me the first time, but they were so fantastic, I loved them!
We continued walking on Fifth Avenue, watched the windows and went in some stores, we went in two Lindt and one Godiva store, to get the free testers ;)
The last big stop on our list were the Macy's windows. I think Macy's spent the most money for the windows. They were really nice, it was telling a christmas story with a little boy, and it really looked so pretty.
Inside of Macy's was a whole floor just with christmas ornaments and decoration. We spent a lot of time there, and ended up eating at Macy's too.
It was such a long day, and we walked so much, through so crowded places, but it was worth it!

The last half day, sunday, Max and I went to have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe on Times Square. It was so awesome, and it was so much fun! The atmosphere was great and the food was amazing. Luckily we had reservations, because there were many people waiting already for their turn, because they had no reservations.
Afterwards we went home and packed our stuff together. Nicole and I drove home that day, and when we arrived at DC, there was snow! I was so excited about it, and form any crazy reason, I got snowdays the next two days, which means I had no school on those two days!

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