Monday, December 2, 2013


On wednesday I had no school so we started preparing food for the following day, Thanksgiving! 
On Thursday morning we watched the Macy's parade in New York in TV. It is a huge parade, and it is organized so well. They had little parts of many things, like TV shows, and even famous people were performing there. It kind of reminded me to the "Faschingszug" in Germany, even though they are not half as big as this parade. 
We still had some preparations to do, but we were pretty much done when our friends Carlos and Gaby came. Of course we also had turkey, I think ours was 16 pounds, and it was a pretty big one. When Max cut the turkey, so we wouldn't have to bring the whole turkey on the table, I couldn't stop staring at it, because I never really saw a turkey being cut and I have to say, it also was kind of disgusting, but when Max was done and we got to eat it, it tasted really good. We also had a lot of other food, Nicole helped me with doing sweet potatoes, there was bred and stuffing for the turkey, and so much other stuff I forgot the name for and for desert we had pumpkin pie and a caramel one. Everything tasted really good, and it was so nice to sit with the family and friends and talk and just enjoy the time. Nicole even had a tradition, in which everyone says for what we're thankful for before eating. 
After a while (and after they made me play the guitar for them ;) ) Carlos and Gaby left and we started watching a movie until my friend Madina would come over for Black Friday shopping!

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