Monday, September 9, 2013

Washington Monument Tour

On Saturday Max, Max's parents, my Local Coordinator, one other exchange student and I went to Washington DC to see the Monuments there. There are really many monuments there, so we had a lot to do.
The first thing we saw was the Washington Monument. It is damaged by an earthquake, so there was a scaffolding around it, but it was still quite amazing to see it. Near that is the Reflection Pond (I always thought the Washington Monument is right behind it, but there is a little distance between it, which I didn't know). Between the Reflection Pond and the Washington Monument is the Memorial of the Second World War, that is also made very interesting. We also went to see the Martin Luther King Memorial, which is pretty new and the Memorial of the Korean War, which looks very real when staying in the front of it and seeing the sculptures of the soldiers.  The next memorial we saw was the Lincoln Memorial. It is one of my favorites, because it is really impressive and the marble stone looks very beautiful. You can see many sightseeings from there, for example the Washington Monument, the Reflection Pond and the Capital Building. After that we went to the quite unknown Albert Einstein Memorial (there are really many memorials in DC), the Vietnam Memorial and then we saw the White House.
In DC are many museums and you can join them for free! We didn't go inside one, but we walked through a sculpture garden, which was part of a museum. Afterwards we saw the Capital building.

In the end I can say that Washington DC is  very, very beautiful city and it is definitely worth seeing it!

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