Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day of school!

Until now I never overslept in the morning. But of course I did on my fist day of school! Max and Nicole brought me to the bus stop, and we saw the bus driving to it - when we weren't there yet. So I missed my bus and our neighbor drove me to school (Max had a Meeting and Nicole a concussion, so they couldn't drive me).
When I finally was in school, I had to find my classroom, which was quite confusing, because the school has really many rooms. In the classroom I got my schedule and luckily  I got all the classes I choose. My classes are: English, Algebra I, World History/Geography, Earth Science, Journalism I, French I, and Music lab/ Guitar.  That day I had Algebra I, Music, World History and Journalism.
I was happy when school ended ( at 3:15), because I was quite overwhelmed.
Tomorrow is going to be a Blue Day, which means there will be different classes (today was a Red Day). I am already so curious how it will be!

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