Monday, February 3, 2014

The Pentagon

On Martin Luther King Day our neighbor John took us to the Pentagon! He is working there, so he is allowed to bring a certain amount of people in there and he gave us a 2 hour tour of the bulding.
 It is such a huge building, which has convenience stores, jewelry stores, suit shops and several food courts, doctors and a gym inside, because the employees who work at the Pentagon often work really long, so that they have no time to go to things like doctors or to do grocery shopping outside of work, so having all these things in the Pentagon makes it much easier for people who work there.
 We saw the chapel, and walked by the post office. There are 9 Starbucks and 683 bathrooms ( the number of bathrooms was needed twice because it was built when Virginia was still segregated, meaning divided by race). There were lots of history/art installations,quilts, photos, flags, military artifacts like uniforms, weapons, etc on the walls.
I'm glad I got to see it, since it is such a huge and important building!

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