Wednesday, February 19, 2014

National Museum of Natural History in DC where we, Max, my friend Madina and me, went on Saturday! It is a really huge museum and we easily spent the whole day there. There are so many different sections to look at, for example minerals and stones, ocean animals, mummies, bones, a photo gallery, insects and so many other different sections. It was so much, we haven't even finish the whole museum yet! We did most of it though, including the shows. We saw a 3D movie about surfing, which I though was really nice, because they also showed the nice locations of Tahiti. There was a special exhibition about genomes, and we could do observations of if we are super-tasters ( someone who can taste finer than others, which I'm not) and how similar the little details in our DNA is (e.g.: if we have dimples, how close our pinkie fingers are while holding them together, a.s.o.), and it turned out that Madina and I are more similar than we though ;).
We went to a restaurant for lunch, and then up the tower of the old post office in DC. Right after we went back the museum and continued looking at all the exhibitions. By the end we went in a butterfly "house" basically where were butterflies all over the place. That was really nice and perfect for taking nice pictures!
We were there from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening! That was really a lot of fun!

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