Thursday, April 3, 2014

My 16th Birthday Party

Even though my birthday is on the 25th, I had my birthday party was on the 23rd of march. As I mentioned before even my friend from Richmond came, many of the neighbors, and friends and I am very glad all of them where at the party. There was a lot of food, and almost everything with peanut butter (really good!), like cookies, brownies, sandwiches, M&M's with pictures of me on it (!) and a very an awesome cake! Nicole's friend even had one of these old cameras that "print" the picture right after you took it (I don't know how these cameras are called), so now I have many pictures that like kind of old and retro, which is really cool! I also got a lot of really nice presents, for example Nicole had different people from all over the world sent me birthday wishes, which is really nice because now I have so many interesting cards.
I had a nice time with all of them and I am thankful that all of them came, and I want to say thank you especially to Nicole, who organized all of it! :)

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